Rando Richard Welcome to my endurance outdoor blog. This site is about my randonneuring (ultra-distance cycling) and randonnée skiing pursuits. I also have some stuff on SUP too (stand up paddleboarding).

29 September 2015 ~ 1 Comment

Saddle Sores — Prevention & Treatment with Ointments

This page deals primarily with ointments and medicated powders as it deals with one’s “undercarriage” in cycling. For saddle issues, visit this page.   Cremes for Use Prior or During a Riding During May of 2011, I  had a small cyst or boil near my sit bone. A week before I was going to do […]

29 September 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Calibrating non-GPS Cyclocomputers

Calibrate your bike computer (or cyclocomputer) so it is accurate—unless you have a GPS-based model. On my first brevet, my computer was so far off, that it was a major factor in my DNF (darkness, rain, sleet and a tiny bit of snow didn’t help either). To calibrate it you must know how to change […]

15 September 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Saints to Sinners Race — My Longest Ever No-Sleep Ride

In 2014 I rode in my first-ever supported long-distance race, called Salt to Saint (Salt Lake City to Saint George). It was primarily a 420-mile relay race, but there were a handful of solo riders, like myself, that rode. It went OK and I finished well before the designated cut-off time. That ride had a […]

04 September 2015 ~ 10 Comments

Lezyne Pumps — Beware of this Problem

I really like Lezyne products. Their use of extension use aluminum (instead of plastic) and CNC machining is wonderful. I also think the aesthetics of their round symmetrical design on their products, including their lights. I prefer their mini-pumps to the Topeak models as it is more durable. But, buyer beware, their screw-on pump chucks […]

05 July 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Working Out On An Empty Stomach — For Fat & Weight Loss Among other things, this author says: Keep intensity low Try fasted riding Perform intervals if time is short Get your recovery routine sorted I don’t understand as point #1 and #3 are in conflict. When I do intervals, my intensity is high—isn’t that the whole point of doing them? Otherwise, I link this […]

07 June 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Red Rock Randonnee 1000K — And a New Kind of Saddle Sore

On June 8, I rode one of my annual long rides of the summer. This is one that I facilitated and is a 1000 km ride out of Kanab Utah. I will be doing occasional posts during the ride on our Facebook group: The route has some 28,000 vertical and the finish time is 5:30 […]

01 May 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Pfifferhorn Peak SkiMo — via a Different Route

In mid-March, four of us made the ascent up to the top of Pfeifferhorn via slightly route different route than I normally do. This is an 11,000+ foot peak near Snowbird ski resort just east of Salt Lake City Utah. Here is my Strava upload.                 

04 March 2015 ~ 2 Comments

A New PR on Skis — 10,000′ of Uphill

In December there was a vertical challenge at Sundance Ski Resort. The objective was to do multiple uphill (& downhill) laps on skis until you get in 10,000 ft of vertical gain. I was unable to attend, but decided to do it on my own at Brighton on Feb. 19th, 2015. I removed the tongues […]

03 January 2015 ~ 1 Comment

My First 24-hour Time-trial Race (2014)

      Most of my cycling is randonneuring/self-supported ultra-distance events. But towards the end of the summer of 2014 I ended up doing some non-rando races, which included LoToJa (206 mile sanctioned road race) and Salt to Saint (420-mile relay race, which I did solo). It was kinda fun doing these events as they […]

29 October 2014 ~ 1 Comment

Four Commonsense Safety Cycling Rules

A recently bicycle/vehicle fatality prompted me to write to the editor (the victim was a mentally disabled man on a 3-wheel trike riding in the dark, apparently on the wrong side of the road). Below is my text. I was dismayed to see the fatal accident in the Oct 23rd issue. My heart goes out […]

14 October 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Inexpensive “Good” Road Tire

I have searched for some time now for an inexpensive training tire that had a high TPI count (threads per inch) with a dual compound. CST, a major OEM tire manufacturer (reportedly, one of the biggest in the world), introduced a foldable model called the Recourse C1808. The folding model is only available as a […]

21 September 2014 ~ 5 Comments

Salt to Saint Relay Race — New Unofficial Course Record!

I’m not sure where I got the idea, except that I decided to ride in a local 420-ish mile relay race, except NOT doing it relay style, but riding in the “solo” category. Salt to Saint is the name of these event which goes from Salt Lake City to Saint George Utah. Unlike many multi-day […]

28 August 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Three Cycling Climbing Workouts

From the Carmichael Training Systems group, here’s three specific suggestions on how to climb better: Climbing Repeats (no surprise) Summary: Two to three sets of 8 to 12 minutes each at a continuous, tough rate at about 85-95% of your max heart rate. Each set should have a cool down or rest period of about […]

10 August 2014 ~ 0 Comments

2014 Colorado High Country 1200

This year my annual 1200 km grand randonnée was in Colorado from July 15-18th. It is called the Colorado High Country 1200. Here is the Ride with GPS online map and my Strava upl0ad, made after the ride. (750 miles with approx. 33,000 feet of climbing over 3-1/2 days). As always, this will be a […]

08 July 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Epic Gear USA SUP (stand-up paddle board) Bag — Quick Review

This brand is the worst. A14 foot bag should be 14 feet long. It’s about 4 inches short. Two years ago I bought another of their bags and it was about 6 inches short so I exchanged it for this one which is still short and barely fits the board. without cramming it into the […]

06 July 2014 ~ 2 Comments

Red Rocks Randonnée 600 — The Inaugural Ride

For several years, I have tinkered with the idea of doing a Grand Randonnée in the national parks of southern Utah. A Grand Randonnée has the minimum distance of 1200 km (750 miles), over a 90-hour time period (just over 3-1/2 days). During the fall and winter of 2013, I begin working on some routes. […]

01 July 2014 ~ 6 Comments

Specialized CG-R Seatpost Review

Last year I took and built up a seven titanium bike and used it’s first 1200K. I just about died because of butt soreness in the last two days of this four day event (see this post). Consequently, I have purchased this new so-called suspension seatpost from Specialized (it’s nickname is the cobbler gobbler). It […]

16 June 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Provo Peak SkiMo

In March, four us (Jim Knight [+ his hound dog], Mat Gover, Joey Dempster & myself) did a hike/ski ascent of Provo Peak, just east of Provo (11,044 ft). I attempted this peak some 10 years ago, but due to inadequate equipment, I could not summit. On that attempt, also with Jim Knight, I didn’t […]

08 April 2014 ~ 2 Comments

Rainy Weather Apparel (for cycling)

Brief overview of gear used for rainy rides + other gear notes. Nearly all of these items are gear which I have tested first, and then posted on my online gear site: eoGEAR. Shower cap on helmet. I now use a commercial one and cut a slit for my headlamp. Goretex style jacket (i.e waterproof […]

23 March 2014 ~ 0 Comments

2014 SkiMo or Rando-Racing

This winter, after a two-year hiatus, I decided instead of doing a lot of indoor lap swimming that I would return to doing rando skiing or skimo (ski mountaineering). I participated in the two local races in February and March. I entered the regular “recreation” division, as opposed to the “elite” division. They are both […]

16 March 2014 ~ 51 Comments

Review of the Sigma ROX 10.0 GPS Cycling Computer

The new Sigma ROX 10 bike computer. Their first GPS-based model. For the past several years, I have used Sigma analog “magnet wheel style” computers for some time now and like their large easy-to-read screens and overall design. Late last year, Sigma, the German company, released their first-ever GPS based cyclocomputer. They are offering the […]

25 January 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Rando Ski to the Skyline Drive

Today I went up with J.K. and skied from about the elevation of my house up to the Skyline Drive. We had bluebird weather, little wind and a short section (700 vert?) on the way down with some decent powder. We climbed some 3,800 feet and descended in about 4-1/2 hours. Because of the continuing […]

11 December 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Faster Breaststroke

Due to a recent shoulder injury (Sept.), I have not been able to swim with the freestyle stroke yet. Consequently I am only doing breaststroke. Today I just finished up a lap session in the pool and caught up with the Matt, the pool manager/coach. He gave me some good pointers on improving my breaststroke. […]

07 December 2013 ~ 0 Comments

New meaning to “Share the road!”

Today I started off my the Rando ski season with a short workout on a forest service road, near my home. At the car I was met by snowmobilers going up, just as I was ready to go up as well, giving new meaning to the term “share the road.”

03 November 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Gold Rush 1200km Grand Randonnée

Here’s my pix from the 2013 running of the Gold Rush Grand Randonnée, held in northern California and sponsored by the Davis Bike Club. This was my second time riding this out and back event and, as expected, the support was phenomenal. The first 48 hours were unseasonably cold with plenty or rain, so I […]

29 September 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Too Lean? Back Problems?

Are you too lean? Do you have back or other bone problems? I have some athletic friends that are very lean and also have back problems. Today, during a Google search, I discovered something I have always wondered about, but could never find information about, until now…. “Body-fat percentages are reduced with weight loss. With […]

26 September 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Sunlight Spin Bike (brief review)

After many months of not using my spin bike, today I was forced to because of a shoulder injury. 30 minutes into my work out one of the brake pads flew off (after increasing the resistance on the main wheel). It turns out the brake pads are merely glued to a plastic housing. How cheap […]

22 September 2013 ~ 3 Comments

Shoulder Injury

This past week I was selling my bags at the registration check in for the the Viva Bike Vegas Gran Fondo (we ran out of several colors of our wildly popular “Top Tube Century Bag”). I also did this ride on Saturday and injured my left shoulder during this 104-mike event. In my six years […]

18 September 2013 ~ 1 Comment

Crank Bros vs. Leyzne Bike Multi-tool

Recently while on a 200K ride, one of my friends had a mechanical where his chain got twisted. I had spare links but for the life of me could not remove the old ones because of the tool which I had. It was a Crank Brothers multi tool. The problem is that the chain tool […]

04 September 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Finally, a new speed PR on SUP

For several weeks now I have attempted to get my average speed on a paddleboard past 4.9 mph. today I finally broke that barrier and hit an average of 5.0. Oddly enough I did it at elevation at around 8500 feet on Electric Lake, In the mountains high above my house. This average is based […]