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01 April 2017 ~ 1 Comment

Sigma ROX 11.0 Cycling Computer Review

For several seasons I have used the German-designed Sigma ROX 10.0 GPS bike computer. I have been happy with it, excepting one big complaint: I could never upload the results of an activity, except through a desktop or laptop computer. I don’t own a laptop so uploading my rides while traveling was always a problem. […]

26 March 2017 ~ Comments Off on Coping with Neck Pain from Cycling

Coping with Neck Pain from Cycling

My first long ride on a road bike was a typical 100-mile charity “century” ride. That is where I first come to realize that neck pain was commonplace for many roadies. Since then, I have ridden thousands of miles, mostly using bicycles with aerobars. I use the aerobars for two reasons (#1 is the most […]

08 February 2017 ~ Comments Off on Mount Rainer — Family Style

Mount Rainer — Family Style

In late 2015 my brother Karl and I hatched a plan to do a “family” Rainer trip. We choose August (of 2016) because of the typically stable weather (which it was, we had only a light breeze on the top and had sunny weather throughout). We also selected the commonly-done Disappointment Clever route as it […]

01 November 2016 ~ 2 Comments

Visibility Suggestions for Roadies

Several large manufactures have lately been putting more emphasis on visibility, not just comfort and speed while cycling. This is especially notable with the numerous distracted drivers these days. They include Trek and Pearl Izumi. Apparel In a brochure published by Trek, they suggest three basic ABC rules. “A” means always-on lights; “B” means biomotion, i.e. […]

10 July 2016 ~ 3 Comments

Stroke and Open-Heart Surgery — What a Surprise!

Super-Short Summary On February the 20th, 2016, I had a mild ischemic stroke — while resting at home for the weekend. It was determined that the cause may have been a PFO (small hole between the two heart chambers). This is called a cryptogenic stroke (unknown cause, which happens in 40% of stroke victims). As a ultra-endurance […]

23 March 2016 ~ Comments Off on 6 Ways To Determine Your Maximum Heart Rate

6 Ways To Determine Your Maximum Heart Rate

Most GPS units or heart rate monitor watches ask for your maximum heart rate so it can calculate the different heart rate zones. I have outlined several different methods below. Please note that your maximum heart rate is different than lactate threshold. As per this article in Road Bike Ride, by John Hughes, “Max heart rate doesn’t show cycling […]

01 March 2016 ~ 2 Comments

One Easy Exercise You Can Do In Your Car

In addition to my twice-a-week strength training regimen I now carry a hand strengthening device in my car. I use it when traveling or running errands. I originally started using a regular “hardware store” scissor clamp (background — yellow clamp), but it failed after about two months of use. I then picked up this clamp from Flawless Fitness […]

05 January 2016 ~ Comments Off on 2015 Strava Summary

2015 Strava Summary

Shown above are my totals for cycling (much of which was randonneuring), ski mountaineering (randonnée ski) and SUP for the year. The vast majority of these stats were cycling (10,437 miles and 487,835 vertical feet). New cycling accomplishments this year: Longest duration and distance of an event without sleep. 40 hours and 500+ miles on Salt […]

24 December 2015 ~ 2 Comments

World Time Trial 24-hour Race (2015) — My First 1st Place Win

Introducton Last year (2014) I did my first 24-hour race, which was this same event, which is held in Southern California in November, about 90 minutes drive NE of San Diego. This, the World Time Trial Championships, is the last of the season in the Ultramarathon Cycling Association’s (UMCA) sanctioned events.  Also offered are shorter durations […]

20 December 2015 ~ 4 Comments

Fast After Fifty — 7 Points I Learned from this New Book

Seven takeaways from this recently (2015) released title Fast After 50 — How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life. By Joel Friel, author of other best-selling books like The Cyclist’s (or Triathlete’s) Training Bible, The Paleo Diet for Athletes etc. Incidentally, he just turned 70. I didn’t start a consistent exercise regiment, until I started running […]

10 December 2015 ~ Comments Off on 24-hour Texas Time Trials (2015)

24-hour Texas Time Trials (2015)

Pre-Race On September 25th I rode my first event in Texas — the Texas Time Trials. They are hosted by Dan Discroll, who is also the RBA (organizer) of a local randonneuring group. They are put on in the community of Glen Rose, some 90-minutes SW of Dallas. I flew in the previous day so […]

05 December 2015 ~ Comments Off on 10 Tips for Staying Warm while Cycling in the Winter

10 Tips for Staying Warm while Cycling in the Winter

Although living in the mountains of Central Utah at 6,000 feet is not as cold as Wisconsin, it still is a constant battle when trying to road cycle during the winter months. I have heard it said on other blog posts that “if you don’t feel a little cold before starting, you are overdressed.” For […]

25 November 2015 ~ 7 Comments

Night Riding — It may be safer than riding during the day

  Several years ago, while riding a 600K on a highway in Arizona (near the Grand Canyon), some experienced randonneurs expressed the opinion that riding at night on a highway is actually safer than during the day. Since that event, I have often wondered about this. A few weeks ago, I did a 200K (125-mile) […]

25 November 2015 ~ Comments Off on 8 Cycling Showstoppers & How to Prevent Them

8 Cycling Showstoppers & How to Prevent Them

 During the middle of July (2015), while riding a 600K (375 miles in just under two days…or quicker), I reflected upon the various reasons why some cyclists do not finish long rides. The three most common problems are listed first. Pressure Points: Cycling has several pressure points where you body meets the bike — feet, hands […]

19 November 2015 ~ Comments Off on Creaky Bottom Bracket?

Creaky Bottom Bracket?

  This is my long distance rando bike which is the all-carbon model, the Trek Domane, with a BB 90 bottom bracket. It used to creak a lot. With every pedal stroke.I repeatedly lubed the bottom bracket to no avail. Finally one mechanic told me to use Loctite between the bearings and the edge of the […]

09 November 2015 ~ 2 Comments

Cycling Gloves — Quick Review

Fingerless Gloves I have a pro-deal with Pearl Izumi, so I tend to buy perhaps more apparel than I need…(yet, much of it, I unload on eBay or Amazon if it doesn’t work for me). Earlier this summer (2015), I picked up a pair of the Pearl Izumi’s top-of-the-line fingerless cycling glove called the Men’s […]

07 November 2015 ~ Comments Off on Let’s Talk on Social Media

Let’s Talk on Social Media

I have recently set up accounts on Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest. My “personal” Instagram account is @rando_richard My business accounts are all under @eogear_inc (based on my company eoGEAR Inc.). Most of the time, I just use #eogear. Blogging is rather tedious for quick messages, so please connect with me on one of these two […]

07 November 2015 ~ 7 Comments

How to “Randoize” a TT Bike

Last year, I was surprised that on the 24-hour races I was in, how many how full-on TT bikes there were, instead of a regular bike with clip-on aerobars. In December of 2014 I picked up a 2nd hand Cervelo P3C time trial / triathlon bike (for a song). Since many (most) of my training […]

03 November 2015 ~ 2 Comments

Piña Colada Smoothie

For some reason I eat a different smoothie after strength training/weightlifting then I do following endurance training. This is my post strength-training piña colada smoothie. It consists of 8 ounces of pineapple juice, 4 ounces of coconut milk, one banana, handful of ice, a scoop of protein powder, a few tablespoons of flaxseed/wheat germ (I […]

01 November 2015 ~ 2 Comments

Cycling Hill Climbing Tips

A recent editorial in Bicycling Magazine reminded me of some tips for climbing. They suggest to first scoot back on your saddle, which I already do, but they also suggested to drop your heel as your foot rotates across the top of the pedal. On mild terrain (3-5% grades) I also try to lift with […]

25 October 2015 ~ 3 Comments

Super 600 — My Toughest Two Days on a Bike

Introduction Within the past year or so, the randonneuring world was introduced to a new type of event. It is called a Super Randonneur 600 Permanent, or just a Super 600, as it if most often referred to. SR600’s are permanents, and not a “brevet” which is a scheduled ride. Permanents can be done any […]

14 October 2015 ~ Comments Off on Constantly Getting Dropped? Maybe you just need more of this vitamin supplement.

Constantly Getting Dropped? Maybe you just need more of this vitamin supplement.

Since 2007, when I started cycling, I have been training pretty diligently—but frequently when riding with others my same age (or older than I), I get dropped. Earlier this summer, while getting some blood tests for a bladder infection/prostate problem, it showed my iron (Ferritin) was way low. It was at 32, whereas normal is […]

29 September 2015 ~ 2 Comments

Saddle Sores — Prevention & Treatment with Ointments

This page deals primarily with ointments and medicated powders as it deals with one’s “undercarriage” in cycling. For saddle issues, visit this page.   Cremes for Use Prior or During a Riding During May of 2011, I  had a small cyst or boil near my sit bone. It was a week before I was going […]

29 September 2015 ~ Comments Off on Calibrating non-GPS Cyclocomputers

Calibrating non-GPS Cyclocomputers

Calibrate your bike computer (or cyclocomputer) so it is accurate—unless you have a GPS-based model. On my first brevet, my computer was so far off, that it was a major factor in my DNF (darkness, rain, sleet and a tiny bit of snow didn’t help either). To calibrate it you must know how to change […]

15 September 2015 ~ 3 Comments

Saints to Sinners Race — My Longest Ever No-Sleep Ride

In 2014 I rode in my first-ever supported long-distance race, called Salt to Saint (Salt Lake City to Saint George). It was primarily a 420-mile relay race, but there were a handful of solo riders, like myself, that rode. It went OK and I finished well before the designated cut-off time. That ride had a […]

04 September 2015 ~ 10 Comments

Lezyne Pumps — Beware of this Problem

I really like Lezyne products. Their use of extension use aluminum (instead of plastic) and CNC machining is wonderful. I also think the aesthetics of their round symmetrical design on their products, including their lights. I prefer their mini-pumps to the Topeak models as it is more durable. But, buyer beware, their screw-on pump chucks […]

05 July 2015 ~ 5 Comments

Fasting Working Outs For Fat Loss, Ketosis + LoCarbs Diets

Introduction Last March I read this article about fasted workouts and thought it made sense. I tried it a few times, but no consistently. Then more recently, in 2016, I have been hearing about intermittent fasting, which ties into those attempting to implement Ketosis into their nutrition regimen. Ketosis is different than than the so-called Paleo […]

07 June 2015 ~ Comments Off on Red Rock Randonnee 1000K — And a New Kind of Saddle Sore

Red Rock Randonnee 1000K — And a New Kind of Saddle Sore

On June 8, I rode one of my annual long rides of the summer. This is one that I facilitated and is a 1000 km ride out of Kanab Utah. I will be doing occasional posts during the ride on our Facebook group: The route has some 28,000 vertical and the finish time is 5:30 […]

01 May 2015 ~ Comments Off on Pfifferhorn Peak SkiMo — via a Different Route

Pfifferhorn Peak SkiMo — via a Different Route

In mid-March (2014), four of us made the ascent up to the top of Pfeifferhorn via slightly route different route than I normally do; that is up Maybird Gulch. This is an 11,000+ foot peak near Snowbird ski resort just east of Salt Lake City Utah. Here is my Strava upload. As I recall, it […]

04 March 2015 ~ 2 Comments

A New PR on Skis — 10,000′ of Uphill

In December there was a vertical challenge at Sundance Ski Resort. The objective was to do multiple uphill (& downhill) laps on skis until you get in 10,000 ft of vertical gain. I was unable to attend, but decided to do it on my own at Brighton on Feb. 19th, 2015. I removed the tongues […]