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A New PR on Skis — 10,000′ of Uphill

Strava Data Screen Shot

Strava Data Screen Shot

In December there was a vertical challenge at Sundance Ski Resort. The objective was to do multiple uphill (& downhill) laps on skis until you get in 10,000 ft of vertical gain. I was unable to attend, but decided to do it on my own at Brighton on Feb. 19th, 2015.

I removed the tongues and two additional buckles of from my La Sportiva Spectre boots to save weight. I took my lightest skis which are the carbon fiber G3 101 Synapse (101 mm wide x 180 cm long). I started out at 7:40 a.m. doing laps on the far east side of the resort going up near the Great Western lift (~ 1800 ft). The lifts open at 9:00 so I got a lap and half in before I started getting downhill traffic. Eventually, the ski patrol requested I relocate my efforts to the Wren Hollow run, which I did for the balance of the day. Several times through my workout I stopped at my car or the lodge to resupply food stuffs and fluids. I was only carrying a single 750 ml water bottle and a narrow waist belt. I opted to go without a backpack to save weight.

I ended up doing eight uphill climbs until I hit my goal and then finally skied back to my car for the last time. For the downhill, I specifically stayed on groomed runs so as to not wear out my quads. They actually felt a lot better than most ski races despite doing much more climbing. But, most ski races go down more technical terrain that I did on this day, which takes it toll on my quads, especially for me, as I am such a crummy downhill skier.

My total time was 8:43 with an average speed of 3.2 MPH, topping out at 32 MPH (moving time was 8:02). For the climbs I tried to keep my heart “down” to about 80-85% of my max (in a race, I push it to 90-93%). Towards the end of this effort I was only pushing about 75% due to fatigue. In the future, if I do this again, it should would be nice to have some lighter race skis (65 mm wide x 160 cm long) instead, esp. since I stayed all on easy groomed slopes.

This is the link to my GPS/Strava upload.

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  1. Bryce 25 March 2015 at 6:19 am Permalink

    I see you tracked it with a fenix. Did you have it on Ultra Trac Setting or just the normal every second sampling? Also, because I don’t ski uphill, were sleeves/skins necessary for the uphill parts?

  2. Rando Richard 25 March 2015 at 3:06 pm Permalink

    I do NOT use the UltraTrac function. I tried it once, but it cuts off the corners in a bad way. Instead, I have the Track Interval set to normal, unless I am doing a multi-day event and then I drop it to “Least Often,” but that only saves a meager 20% of memory. When I do long events, I save my data to BaseCamp via my iPhone and delete it later off the Garmin, later connecting multiple rides or trips together in Garmin Basecamp ap. Also, I set my Output to only FIT and not GPX to save on memory.

    Yes, skins are must when doing that steep of climbing. After each climb, I have to pause and rip them off, before descending.

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