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2015 Strava Summary


Shown above are my totals for cycling (much of which was randonneuring), ski mountaineering (randonnée ski) and SUP for the year. The vast majority of these stats were cycling (10,437 miles and 487,835 vertical feet).

New cycling accomplishments this year:

Longest duration and distance of an event without sleep. 40 hours and 500+ miles on Salt to Saint solo cycling event.

Most amount climbed in “two” days. Super 600, with 10,000 meters (approx. 32,000 feet) in 600 km (375 miles). By far, the toughest ride I have ever done.

Most of the events I do are non-competitive (randonneuring), but I have dabbled a little in racing, and at the World Time Trial Championships I got my first 1st-place win for my age group.

At the above event, I set a new personal record for miles traveled in 24 hours: 384.

This year, there were no domestic 1200K brevets that didn’t occur on Sunday, so I did not finish a 1200K, as has been the custom for the past seven years.

I completed my seventh randonneuring R-12 (riding a sanctioned 200K or longer ride each month of the year).

It appears that I had approx. 100,000 feet of skimo climbing — that is more than most seasons for me.

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