Rando skiing towards Deseret Peak in Utah.

Spring rando skiing. Deseret Peak, Utah.

I’m an old guy (age 57 in 2011) who enjoys high aerobic, endurance sports. Perhaps the more appropriate term would be “ultra” endurance sports. Since I was a teenager I have always enjoyed “slow twitch”  outdoor sports like backpacking, ice climbing, running, mountaineering, hiking, alpine skiing and randonnée skiing. In 2005 I starting running with more regularity — except this time it was not for the intent of getting ready for a mountaineering trip, but as an end to itself. From 2005 to 2007 I manged to eek out two seasons of ultramarathons — that is competitive trail runs up to 50 or 100 miles. Due to a nagging ankle injury from the 80s (ice climbing), I had to cease that grueling, but rewarding activity. I then migrated into ultra distance road cycling or randonneuring. The rides are called brevets (pronounced bruh-VAY, it’s French) and are minimally supported — they are similar to ultrarunning and backpacking where one must be self reliant. Although brevets are non-competitive, they do have have cut off times to qualify as a finisher. They are usually are done in groups, which can have a competitive slant to them. Today, I continue to participate in randonnée skiing (a blend of cross country and downhill disciplines) and still go an occasional mountaineering trip.

My day job is a designing, manufacturing and retailing DSLR camera bags. That is Kinesis Photo Gear (kgear.com), since 1995 (I’m the proprietor). We’re out in the boondocks of central Utah, half way between Salt Lake City (great powder) and Moab (great red rocks).

I hate paying retail for much of anything, so I started purchasing outdoor and bicycling accessories for Kinesis and a few things for myself too — at wholesale pricing. Since I already had the online shipping process in place, I decided to just start selling a few of these cool cycling and outdoor things to others. They are found on my other site called Distance Biker (formerly B&B Gear).

Well, I guess that is all for now. Safe travels mate! Perhaps I’ll see you on the road or trail.
Richard Stum

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