My P.R.’s (Personal Records)

My best effort at the following activities:

Road Cycling

20-mile time trial, solo: 54:20 (22.2 MPH) on 17 Aug 2015 (age 61). Strava link.

100km (~ 63 miles) solo time trial (RUSA Permanent Populaire): 3:25 or 19.0 MPH during 2015, age 61. Strava link.

50-mile road bike with a group: ~ 2:29 in 2015.

50-mile road bike, solo: 2:41, ~ 19.5 MPH on 7 Nov 2015 (age 61). Strava link.

100-mile road bike with a group: 5:12 total time in 2014 (age 60) El Tour de Tucson. 109 miles with approx. 3,000 feet of climbing. That was 532 place out of approx. 3,200 for that distance.

600km (~ 375 miles) brevet group effort: 25:46 in Arizona, 2010. Tombstone, Casa Grande Start.

R70 Honor Recipient on the Cyclos Montagnards site. This is for finishing a full brevet series (200km, 300km, 400km & 600km) in 70% of maximum allotted time frame (2010).

My toughest 600km or most climbing in two days (32,000+ of climbing): 45:36 hours. Utah’s Super Randonneur 600 “Permanent” on 11-12 Sep 2015 (age 61). Strava link.

1200km (~ 750 mile) brevet with a group: 79:01 starting on 24 June 2013 (age 59) Gold Rush Randonnée. Strava link.

Maximum mileage for 24-hours, solo, no drafting: 384 miles at 2015 World Time -trial Championships in Borrego Springs Calif. (age 61). Blog link. First place in my age group for a small field of only four.

Highest place for for 24-hours, solo, no drafting: 5th place out of 18 men; 344 miles at 2015 Texas Time Trials (age 61). Blog link. I was the only 60+ year old to participate in the 24-hour solo division.

Longest ride w/o sleeping: 517 miles on 31 July 2015 (age 61). Saints to Sinners relay race (I did it solo). Strava link. 2nd place finish…five solo riders started, but only two finished. No doubt, I am the oldest person to ever finish this event, as only three have completed this event solo.

Ski Mountaineering (skimo or randonnée skiing)

Maximum vertical elevation gain in one day: 10,150 feet. In-bounds at Brighton Ski Resort, 19 Feb 2015, (age 60). Strava link.


Data coming


Fastest 30-minute time trial paddle (out and back): 5.0 MPH, Sept or Oct 2013 on Electric Lake, Utah.

First documented solo crossing of the Great Salt Lake on a stand-up paddle board: Total time of 7:41 hours & 28 miles on 9 October 2012. Blog report.

Trail Running

I have finished two 50-mile ultras (Moab to Slickrock & Squaw Peak 50) and one 100-miler (Leadville Trail 100) before my infamous left ankle imploded, forcing me to switch from running to cycling.


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