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Admundson 14’0″ SUP Board Review


Amundson Design 14’0″ TR-X Carbon (distributed by Aquaglide, shaped by John Amundson of Hawaii)

After purchasing a 12′ 6″ board, I knew that for any long distance stand-up I would need a fourteen footer. In August I rode several models at the Outdoor Retailer show and decided that the 27-inch wide boards were just a little too unstable for multi-hour touring. (This was also confirmed my several of the manufactures as they discouraged me from considering their narrow race boards for touring). They work fine for a short races, but trying to stay upright in variable conditions for hours on end seemed too difficult.

I was attracted to this board for the foll0wing reasons:

  • It was lighter in weight due to the carbon construction
  • It had built-in deck inserts for gear tie downs
  • It was more stable with it’s 28-inch width than other narrower models
  • It had a displacement-like or “canoe style” nose
  • And although this is a minor point…I got special trade pricing direct through the manufacturer.

I have only used the board about three times now. My first experience was dreadful as I had very choppy conditions with winds approaching perhaps 15 MPH. Going straight into the wind, or in a downwinder direction was OK, but the minute I turned cross wind, I had a difficult time staying upright in the 1-foot+ waves.

Later tests proved that this board is about 9% faster than my 12’6″ board. Last week, I did a 19-mile Utah Lake “double crossing,” averaging about 4.7 MPH for this multi-hour paddle in decent (nearly wind free) conditions. My average multi-hour speed on the shorter board was 4.3 MPH in similar conditions. Unlike my shorter board, this board drains much better as little water accumulated on the deck. It is called a “TR” board as it is classified as a Tour/Race board.

This brand is not noted for their “race” pedigree as most of their current line of SUP boards appear to be for recreation use. But then…I was not looking for a fast touring board, not a so-called race board, so I figured that their designs would be OK for my needs. This board has a list price of about $2,100. It included a breather hole with a large Phillips screw (instead of a breathable “GoreTex” type membrane as found on some boards). It has a rated volume of 275 liters and is sold as a 7-1/4″ thick board, but overall it appears much thinner than this. The claimed weight is 27 pounds.


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  1. Kevin 24 September 2012 at 8:28 pm Permalink

    Interesting design, it appears to have a lot off rocker for flat water which could be fine for most local conditions and should be fun in even small waves. I would love to try it out.

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