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17 September 2018 ~ Comments Off on Yellowstone/Grand Teton 1000K

Yellowstone/Grand Teton 1000K

In July of 2017 (13–15th) I sponsored a 1000K brevet (~ 625 miles) that went through Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks…plus Starr Valley Wyoming. This route started in Ashton, Idaho, which is just west of Yellowstone National Park. Day one: Our route heading north though the town of West Yellowstone and then into the […]

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24 December 2015 ~ 2 Comments

World Time Trial 24-hour Race (2015) — My First 1st Place Win

Introducton Last year (2014) I did my first 24-hour race, which was this same event, which is held in Southern California in November, about 90 minutes drive NE of San Diego. This, the World Time Trial Championships, is the last of the season in the Ultramarathon Cycling Association’s (UMCA) sanctioned events.  Also offered are shorter durations […]

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10 December 2015 ~ 1 Comment

24-hour Texas Time Trials (2015)

Pre-Race On September 25th I rode my first event in Texas — the Texas Time Trials. They are hosted by Dan Discroll, who is also the RBA (organizer) of a local randonneuring group. They are put on in the community of Glen Rose, some 90-minutes SW of Dallas. I flew in the previous day so […]

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25 October 2015 ~ 3 Comments

Super 600 — My Toughest Two Days on a Bike

Introduction Within the past year or so, the randonneuring world was introduced to a new type of event. It is called a Super Randonneur 600 Permanent, or just a Super 600, as it if most often referred to. SR600’s are permanents, and not a “brevet” which is a scheduled ride. Permanents can be done any […]

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15 September 2015 ~ 3 Comments

Saints to Sinners Race — My Longest Ever No-Sleep Ride

In 2014 I rode in my first-ever supported long-distance race, called Salt to Saint (Salt Lake City to Saint George). It was primarily a 420-mile relay race, but there were a handful of solo riders, like myself, that rode. It went OK and I finished well before the designated cut-off time. That ride had a […]

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07 June 2015 ~ Comments Off on Red Rock Randonnee 1000K — And a New Kind of Saddle Sore

Red Rock Randonnee 1000K — And a New Kind of Saddle Sore

On June 8, I rode one of my annual long rides of the summer. This is one that I facilitated and is a 1000 km ride out of Kanab Utah. I will be doing occasional posts during the ride on our Facebook group: The route has some 28,000 vertical and the finish time is 5:30 […]

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03 January 2015 ~ 1 Comment

My First 24-hour Time-trial Race (2014)

      Most of my cycling is randonneuring/self-supported ultra-distance events. But towards the end of the summer of 2014 I ended up doing some non-rando races, which included LoToJa (206 mile sanctioned road race) and Salt to Saint (420-mile relay race, which I did solo). It was kinda fun doing these events as they […]

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21 September 2014 ~ 7 Comments

Salt to Saint Relay Race — New Unofficial Course Record!

In 2014 I got the idea to ride in a local 420-ish mile relay race, except NOT doing it relay style, but riding in the “solo” category. Salt to Saint is the name of these event which goes from Salt Lake City to Saint George Utah. Unlike many multi-day events outside Utah, this one did […]

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10 August 2014 ~ Comments Off on 2014 Colorado High Country 1200

2014 Colorado High Country 1200

This year my annual 1200 km grand randonnée was in Colorado from July 15-18th. It is called the Colorado High Country 1200. Here is the Ride with GPS online map and my Strava upl0ad, made after the ride. (750 miles with approx. 33,000 feet of climbing over 3-1/2 days). As always, this will be a […]

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03 November 2013 ~ Comments Off on Gold Rush 1200km Grand Randonnée

Gold Rush 1200km Grand Randonnée

Here’s my pix from the 2013 running of the Gold Rush Grand Randonnée, held in northern California and sponsored by the Davis Bike Club. This was my second time riding this out and back event and, as expected, the support was phenomenal. The first 48 hours were unseasonably cold with plenty or rain, so I […]

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07 July 2012 ~ Comments Off on 2012 Colorado High Country 1200km Grand Randonnée

2012 Colorado High Country 1200km Grand Randonnée

Only 700 miles to go… Above are the photos for my “long ride of the 2012 season.” It was the Colorado High Country Grand Randonnée (1200km or 750 miles in 3-1/2 days). I was little apprehensive as my carbon fiber bike has developed some hairline fractures which I was worried about. It held together fine […]

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13 November 2011 ~ Comments Off on Utahans Completing 1200Ks

Utahans Completing 1200Ks

This past season (2011), three of us finished 1200k’s Grand Randonnées: They include myself (Richard Stum), completing Colorado High Country in July with a time of 83:52. Robert Owen, from Saint George finished Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) in August with a time of 89:02. Conor Carroll, originally from Houston, but now lives in Kaysville, also completed PBP, […]

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08 July 2011 ~ 7 Comments

2011 Colorado High Country 1200K

Sane or Insane? On day three, myself and three others left the motel in Steamboat Springs at 4:45 a.m. to begin another day in the saddle. The night before it had rained for several hours and the affects storm were still there — there was a dense, misty fog. I could barely see as a […]

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03 July 2010 ~ 3 Comments

2010 Cascade 1200K Randonnée (770 miles in 3-1/2 days)

This randonnee starts and finishes in Monroe, a town at the western base of the Cascades, some 40 miles N.E. of Seattle. The route essentially makes a gigantic counter-clockwise loop around Mount Rainer. This 1200km event is sponsored by one of the largest randonneuring groups in the U.S., the Seattle International Randonneurs or S.I.R. (This […]

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13 July 2009 ~ Comments Off on 2009 Gold Rush 1200K Randonnée

2009 Gold Rush 1200K Randonnée

This event happens every four years and is sponsored by the Davis Bike Club, which is located near Sacramento California. It is an out and back 1200K (750 mile) event with 90 hours allowed to finish (almost four days). The route goes up CA-395 and other less traveled highways and roads to Davis Creek near […]

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21 September 2008 ~ Comments Off on 2008 Last Chance Randonnée (part 2)

2008 Last Chance Randonnée (part 2)

Signs and Scenes of Kansas

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20 September 2008 ~ Comments Off on 2008 Last Chance Randonnée (part 1)

2008 Last Chance Randonnée (part 1)

Dawn on Day One Introduction All this for just a medal. Earlier in 2008, I started to ride brevets in earnest as this was my first full summer of road cycling. January through May I traveled to Arizona for Susan Plonsky’s carefully planned 200k, 400k & 600k brevets. Later in the spring, I rode on […]

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