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23 October 2017 ~ 0 Comments

Epic Human Powered Adventures

The most miles bicycled in one year, set in May of 2017, was set by a woman named Amanda Coker. She did her on a flat loop in Florida, doing the same 7-mile loop over and over again! Her total was 86,500 miles. Links: Gear Junkie, her Blog or Velo News Q&A. The prior record was set by Kurt […]

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10 July 2016 ~ 4 Comments

Stroke and Open-Heart Surgery — What a Surprise!

Super-Short Summary On February the 20th, 2016, I had a mild ischemic stroke — while resting at home for the weekend. A CAT Scan showed no damage in the brain, whereas the MRI showed many small specs, clear evidence of a stroke in the left frontal lobe. It was later determined that the cause may have […]

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05 January 2016 ~ 0 Comments

2015 Strava Summary

Shown above are my totals for cycling (much of which was randonneuring), ski mountaineering (randonnée ski) and SUP for the year. The vast majority of these stats were cycling (10,437 miles and 487,835 vertical feet). New cycling accomplishments this year: Longest duration and distance of an event without sleep. 40 hours and 500+ miles on Salt […]

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07 November 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Let’s Talk on Social Media

I have recently set up accounts on Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest. My “personal” Instagram account is @rando_richard My business accounts are all under @eogear_inc (based on my company eoGEAR Inc.). Most of the time, I just use #eogear. Blogging is rather tedious for quick messages, so please connect with me on one of these two […]

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07 December 2013 ~ 0 Comments

New meaning to “Share the road!”

Today I started off my the Rando ski season with a short workout on a forest service road, near my home. At the car I was met by snowmobilers going up, just as I was ready to go up as well, giving new meaning to the term “share the road.”

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22 September 2013 ~ 3 Comments

Shoulder Injury

This past week I was selling my bags at the registration check in for the the Viva Bike Vegas Gran Fondo (we ran out of several colors of our wildly popular “Top Tube Century Bag”). I also did this ride on Saturday and injured my left shoulder during this 104-mike event. In my six years […]

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12 September 2012 ~ 0 Comments

New Shimano 11-speed Drive Train

This month, Shimano announced a new 9000-series, eleven speed drive train for road bikes. At this point, it is only available in Dura-Ace, and not for their Di2 electronic shifting. The grouppo includes a new STI shifter set, cassette, crankarm (in both compact & regular), bottom bracket, chain and a front and rear derailleur. For […]

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05 February 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Salt Lake Randos site move

The Salt Lake Randomneurs (long distance cycling) information used to be on this blog, but I have finally moved it to it’s own site at this link. Regretfully all the comments didn’t make the move, but are archived if. > Richard, RBA (Regional Brevet Adminstrator)

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10 November 2011 ~ 5 Comments

The Whiter the Bread, the Sooner You’re Dead

When I was growing up, my mother and many of her sisters (she came from a family of 15 siblings), espoused a good diet to increase one’s health and/or to increase your lifespan (several of them published books on this topic). They had a slogan, which I’ll never forget, which is “The Whiter the Bread, […]

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11 January 2011 ~ 1 Comment

2011 Personal Rando Schedule

2011 Schedule I welcome the company of other riders. Contact me if interested. January and February Most likely I will only be riding 200K Permanents in St George and/or Las Vegas and doing a bunch of rando skiing. February 19th CROWBAR Ski Race (Logan Utah, tentative) March 5th or 12th A PCH 400K brevet (S. […]

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06 January 2011 ~ 0 Comments

New RUSA P-12 Award

News Flash! Beginning in January of 2011 RUSA announced a new award, called the P-12. It is similar to the R-12 award, where one rides at least one brevet or Permanent a month that is 200km or longer — except this award is for shorter rides instead. The “P” in  P-12 stands for “populaire” which […]

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