19 November 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Creaky Bottom Bracket?

Trek Domane

This is my long distance rando bike which is the all-carbon model, the Trek Domane, with a BB 90 bottom bracket. It used to creak a lot. With every pedal stroke.I repeatedly lubed the bottom bracket to no avail. Finally one mechanic told me to use Loctite between the bearings and the edge of the frame which I also did, but that also did not help.

Finally, another friend suggested that I simply tighten the skewers on both wheels very, very tight. I did not believe him, and  still took it to my mechanic, who finally found this simple technique as the solution. He and I were both dumbfounded– it worked and after several thousand miles it has not creaked  once.

Incidentally, the best way to check whether or not the noise is the bottom bracket and not your pedals, is to simply step on the crank arm itself against the direction of the chain, so the wheel does not turn. Press or bounce up and down with your full bodyweight and listen.

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