11 December 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Faster Breaststroke

Due to a recent shoulder injury (Sept.), I have not been able to swim with the freestyle stroke yet. Consequently I am only doing breaststroke. Today I just finished up a lap session in the pool and caught up with the Matt, the pool manager/coach. He gave me some good pointers on improving my breaststroke. He called it a “rest” stroke as one rests a little during the glide, but that is the fastest rest stroke.

  1. The most important thing, he said, was to kick my feet and then glide, not the opposite as I had been doing. He said this stroke is 70% feet and 30% arms.
  2. And also suggested to keep my head reasonably low, otherwise my feet will drop too much. And of course, only elevate my head just enough to catch my breath, and no more.
  3. Keep my hands shoulder-width apart. It is like doing a pull-up, it is more difficult to do when arms are far apart. And then tuck my head in between my arms like diving.
  4. And last, don’t pull my hands down past my chest as it wastes energy.

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