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Inexpensive “Good” Road Tire

CST Recourse

CST Recourse

I have searched for some time now for an inexpensive training tire that had a high TPI count (threads per inch) with a dual compound. CST, a major OEM tire manufacturer (reportedly, one of the biggest in the world), introduced a foldable model called the Recourse C1808. The folding model is only available as a 700 x 25mm tire (ETRO 25-622), which is my preferred size anyway. It has a 120 TPI casing with their so-called EPS puncture protection. Most tires in this price range have a 30 or 60 thread count. Recently, while on a very rainy ride, I had a huge thorn (goathead) stick in this tire. I removed it and just kept on riding without a puncture! The listed weight is 205 grams. After installing onto my DT Swiss 1450 rims, it actually measured slightly larger volume than the Continental 4000 S 25mm tire. (Some other 25mm CST tires, like their popular Czar, measured in much smaller than the Recourse). Please note that this tire is also available with a single compound with a wire bead for much less.

August 2016 update: My daughter had a side-wall gash when using the above tire, after low mileage. Hmmm. Another option, in this same price range, is the CST Conquistare tire with a folding bead. It is only 60 TPI though which is great for commuting, but for those looking for a high thread-count performance tire, it may not cut it.

The list price on these CST tires is around $38, about half of a Continental 4000 S II, which is my “go to” tire for events. The CST tires are made in China and is available through my site eoGEAR as a special order item.

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