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New RUSA P-12 Award

News Flash!

Beginning in January of 2011 RUSA announced a new award, called the P-12. It is similar to the R-12 award, where one rides at least one brevet or Permanent a month that is 200km or longer — except this award is for shorter rides instead.

The “P” in  P-12 stands for “populaire” which is a ride less than 200km in distance.

Below are the comments by Bill Bryant, one of, or the author of this new award.

I think the BRM style [les Brevets de les Randonneurs Mondiaux. Or, in simple terms, the manner in which we do our brevets] and pace of randonneuring can be a life-long avocation, but sometimes it needs to be “consumed in smaller bites” than 200 kms due to work/family obligations, or age, harsh winters, health issues, etc. In the end, I hope the P-12 will encourage more populaire-distance brevets and perms than we currently see, and perhaps a more diverse group of people will come to enjoy our sport? Hopefully some of these folks will eventually want to try their hand at the longer distances once they have built their experience on the shorter rides and this will strengthen our ranks for the standard SR brevet distances. Or, even if they don’t, the populaire distances are still a good compliment to the traditional brevets, and could get more people on their bikes and experience being out in nature in a friendly, non-competitive manner, etc. Of course RUSA has had sub-200 km events on the calendar for many years, but it took me a while to figure out (duh!) that some sort of yearly award might help bring attention to the shorter rides, just like we did for the permanents with the R-12 award. My only real concern about the P-12 is that in time it might create extra work for RUSA (especially the permanent and route coordinators) and for RBAs, so I hope folks will think about stepping forward to help their hard-working RBA and volunteer to head up some local populaire event or two.

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