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Red Rock Randonnee 1000K — And a New Kind of Saddle Sore

On June 8, I rode one of my annual long rides of the summer. This is one that I facilitated and is a 1000 km ride out of Kanab Utah. I will be doing occasional posts during the ride on our Facebook group: Facebook.com/groups/saltlakerandos

The route has some 28,000 vertical and the finish time is 5:30 AM on Thursday morning. The mileage is about 620.

Brief summary: Eight riders doing the 1000K, one doing the 600K and four doing the 400K, all starting at the same time (02:30).

Day1: Joe Edwards went off the front, so Kerin Huber (whom I have ridden with in the past on long events) and I went with him. We had a bit of a tail wind as we traveled west to the Saint George area, arriving at our first checkpoint at around 6 a.m. From there we did an out-and-back to Zion National Park and then climbed our way up through Cedar City and through the Parowon Gap, a BLM site with petroglyphs. We had some support on this day, i.e. water at key points along the way. We arrived in Panguitch, our overnight at dusk or about 9 p.m.

Day 2: At approx. 4 a.m. I sent off, in pursuit of Kerin, who had already left earlier in the morning. I caught her on the climb to Bryce Canyon and stayed with her most of the day. My favorite spot there was Fairyland Point, which looked great in the early morning light. From there we went north to the small town of Junction and then made the long ride south on U.S. 89 back to Kanab. I drafted off Kerin during much of the headwind as I was feeling a little bloated from a heavy sit-down breakfast earlier in the day. I also started feeling some saddle pain. After another stop in Panguitch, her stomach started feeling crappy, so she ordered me ahead and not to wait for her…which I did. I saw her later in the evening near Coral Pink Sand Dunes state park. I arrived back in Kanab at about 10:00 p.m. She rolled in about an hour later. The rest of the group, which had stayed together, came in about 2 a.m.

Day3: After a decent night’s sleep, my butt was really feeling it. I was ready to call it quits, but Spencer Klaussen said “it is only 160 miles to glory…tough it out.” So I slapped on an extra pair of shorts for more padding and started taking doses 600 mg of Ibuprofen. I left at about 7 a.m. Once again Kerin was ahead of me and I caught her on the climb and went by. Shortly thereafter I flatted. It was raining. I was in a hurry — faster cycling meant “less painful hours in the saddle.” Anyway, I made it to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, but the view was obscured by heavy rain and clouds. Eventually, I made my way back to Kanab, arriving at about 9 p.m.

After this ride, I ending up with a new kind of saddle sore — a lump under the skin near my left sit bone. After a few days of it not going away, I started taking some Amoxicillin (left over from a dental visit which I never used). But it didn’t seem to be doing much, so about a week later I paid a visit to my local physician. He prescribed Cleocin and a heavy dosage of Amoxicillin, both antibiotics. Unlike previous saddle sores that were more superficial, this one was lumb or abcess, well under the surface of the skin. Meanwhile, I am off the bike for a bit until this heals completely.

Photos coming??


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