Area 51 (Las Vegas)

Area 51 — RWGPS Link — Permanent Route # 2204

203 km (126 miles), with 3,276 feet of cumulative elevation gain.

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Introduction This is my Vegas 200K with the least amount of climbing and minimal navigation issues (i.e. little city travel). It is called Area 51 because the route turns around at the south end of the infamous Area 51 military installation. This route does have one 40-mile section with no services so “buyer beware!”

Start and Ending Point Any service near the junction of Alta Drive and Decatur Blvd in the northwest part of Las Vegas. There is parking at the SW corner near the Texaco at 500 S Decatur Blvd. in Las Vegas. There is also more parking at the NE corner near the Walgreens, Taco Bell and McDonald’s.

Road Conditions Report (Oct 2015)

Some warnings for others who may be doing this ride over the next few months: 95 is being resurfaced between Indian Springs and Mercury also they are working on the shoulders, however you can get by in certain places by using the blocked travel lane. However it appears they will be grinding down the shoulders later this week as equipment is sitting there. They had a sign that said work would be completed by mid November.

Also, Alta is being resurfaced from the start and for about 4 miles after that. It is currently all ground down and makes for a rough ride heading outbound. Heading back in the left lane hasn’t been touched yet but its all blocked off so they will probably be grinding that surface very soon. I rode back by using the blocked off travel lanes.


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