Belly Button

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The LDS temple in Manti is the prominent feature in this part of the valley.

RUSA Permanent #1251, first approved in October of 2011

The word navel is from the Greek word omphalos, meaning “navel”(near one’s belly button of course!) — for the round stone in the temple of Apollo at Delphi supposed to mark the center of the earth — it describes the center, heart, or hub of a place, organization, or sphere of activity. Belly button was the original name given to this bicycle loop by the randonneur, Jim Smith of Gunnison. This 200K loop route circumnavigates the Sanpitch Mountains and the USGS official center of Utah, which is about 12 miles NW of Ephraim.
Stats 200.0 km (124.3 miles) loop. The low point of the ride is in Nephi at 5128 feet and the high point is 6337 feet (outside Fountain Green) with a vertical gain of 4140 feet. Typical season is from March through November, but on the right (warm) day, can be ridden during the colder months too.
The Start & finish point is at any convenience store at the corner of 100 North State St in Mt Pleasant.

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