Way Down South to Dixie

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Way Down South to Dixie — RWGPS Link — Permanent # 744

201 km (125.0 miles), with approx. 6,644 feet of cumulative elevation gain.

Introduction This is a loop ride in the St. George area of SW Utah, otherwise known in Utah as “Dixie.” It goes in a clockwise direction near Sand Hollow and Quail Creek Reservoirs, and then goes through St. George. It then makes a 1600 foot climb to the small town of Vejo and descends past Snow Canyon State Park.

Start Point This Permanent starts and ends at the Maverik c-store in Washington (just south of exit 13, off I-15). Washington is just north of Saint George. Park behind the Maverik on the street, not in their lot.


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  1. admin 29 January 2010 at 7:56 am Permalink

    Notes on the inaugural ride on 1/21/10.
    Specs Solo ride (Richard Stum, route owner). Low of 34F & high of about 52F. 9.5 hours total (8:37 on the bike), starting at 7:58 a.m. End of day mileage with my “calibrated cyclocomputer“ showed 125.97 miles instead of the Bikely distance of 124.3. Hmmm, I’m usually much closer to Bikely. Oh, I inadvertently set a personal land speed record: 45.34 MPH coming down one of the hills out of Gunlock. Average speed was a dismal 14.6 MPH. No flat tires.
    Ride Details thick fog on SR-9 made my usual “bomber ascents” impossible. Rear blinker light on for safety. Roads wet from heavy rain the night prior. Stiff and cold head winds coming climbing out of Toquerville towards I-15. But then those become nice tail wind going into Leeds (35 MPH on flats, yahoo!). Leeds Market has remodeled as a nicer, better stocked grocery store, but no place to sit down inside (that I saw). Fast downhill going along St. George Blvd. Nice bike trail at end of Diagonal St on east side of Bluff. Not-so-nice bike trail on west side of SR-18 to Snow Canyon turnoff. Several super steep, but short grades. Finally abandoned bike trail and rode highway instead. Brisk & cold NE cross-winds last few miles going in to Vejo. Snow on the ground just off the highway. Nice gas station with a place to eat & chill (or should say warm up?). Slight tail wind heading to Gunlock. The beginning of River Rd has been repaved and quiet until I hit St. George and got caught up in 5:00 rush hour. Got in about a half hour before sunset. Tough ride as I‘ve only been on a bike (including indoor bike) maybe once a week this winter. X-c skiing instead. I wish this route had less climbing as it was originally designed as a “do it all in daylight” winter ride.

  2. admin 1 February 2010 at 7:41 pm Permalink

    1/30/10 ride by Jim Smith and Anthony Blauer. Jim’s Garmin reported 127.3 miles and a gain/loss of 6293 ft.
    1/31/10 ride by Janet Borg. Her Garmin reported the same millage as the cue sheet (124.3) and a gain/loss of about 6550 ft (her battery died near the end of the ride).
    In light of the construction at the Flying J control, I modified the route to omit that control and put another in it’s place. The Bikely link reflects this change.

  3. Dave Meridith 8 February 2010 at 11:24 pm Permalink

    2/8 ride by Dave Meridith
    Good route! The cue sheet is excellent. I’m only mad about one slightly wrong turn coming out of Hurricane, but corrected it after about 200 yds. Same headwinds coming out of Toquerville. Almost stopped me in my tracks. Took my touring bike and loaded it down with all kinds of stuff I didn’t need. Good training though. 9.5 hours. Left at 8:10 finished at 17:32 I believe. My computer said 126.something, but my Garmin said 125 with 6200 feet of climbing. Weather around 40 to start 57 at the end in St. George. Coldish up at Veyo but a good climb to get there. No snow on the ground and the switchbacks afterwards were pretty clean.

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