Hump to Pahrump (200K)

Hump to Pahrump — RWGPS Link — Route # 1012

200 km (124.3 miles), with 6,543 feet of cumulative elevation gain (that is a LOT!).
The starting elevation is 2,322 feet.

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Introduction This route starts in Las Vegas (S.W. Las Vegas) and travels west to Pahrump. It make a big climb (2,263 ft) over Mountain Springs Pass, hence the name “Hump to Pahrump!” This route has few cues and is VERY easy to follow! It is designed to minimize “in city” travel with few traffic lights and turns.
This route design was collaborative effort of myself and Susan Plonsky, the former RUSA Regional Brevet Administrator (RBA) in Arizona. She spends part of each month working in Vegas, hence she knows the area well.

Weather Warning! This region is always very hot in the summer months and some of the checkpoints (water sources) are 40 miles apart. This route also has significant amount of climbing for a 200K, so don’t plan on riding this route when the forecast is in the 100s.

Start Point Any store near Fills c-store, 3810 Blue Diamond Road, Las Vegas, NV 89139 (strip mall north of the junction of Hinson St & Blue Diamond). Other stores include Target, Del Taco, In-N-Burger etc.

Link to photos taken by Rick Carpenter on this route, 2011
Link to a blog post by John Lee Ellis, 2017

Differences between this Perm and Rando Roulette (from Susan Plonsky, Dec. 2010)

There are of course pros and cons to everything.
Rando Roulette, Pros: It’s interesting to circumnavigate the whole city and see the different sites. The bike trail is a real treat.
Rando Roulette, Cons: 1. The number of traffic lights crossing Las Vegas makes the route safer, but requires more time. 2. There’s a lot of climbing at the end so you have to pace yourself.

Hump, Pros: 1. Few turns; can’t get lost. 2. Basically, there’s one hill, so you climb it on the way out and then on the way back, once you hit the summit, it’s easy sailing to the finish. 3. Because there are fewer stops it’s a faster ride than the Rando Roulette.
Hump, Cons: 1. No services on that long stretch through the desert, but that’s doesn’t bother me and I’ve been able to get to Pahrump and back on 3 bottles. What bothered me at first was the long, straight road through the desert. Because the scenery changes so slowly it feels like you’re traveling very slowly. I’m working on my mental pacing now. It was easier the second time. 2. I thought I would be nervous way out there in the desert by myself, but there was traffic every 20 minutes, so if my bike broke, I think I could wave someone down. (I wonder if that’s wishful thinking.) Also, you can dial *NHP for the Nevada Highway Patrol.

So I would advise anyone, to ride the Rando Roulette if they want to see Las Vegas, and ride the Hump to Pahrump if they want to put in a time trial kind of ride.

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  1. James Thurber 23 October 2017 at 9:10 pm Permalink

    I’ve found the Nevada drivers to be incredibly helpful. If you’re on the side of the road in a remote area they ALWAYS stop and ask if you need help – even if you’re just stopping for a snack / drink.

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