Land O’ Goshen

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From the small town of Mona, Mt Timpanogos is seen in the distance.

Land O’ Goshen (Springville Start) —RWGPS Link — Permanent # 561

Land O’ Goshen (Mona Start) — RWGPS Link — Permanent # 560

200.2 km (124.4 miles), with 4,519 feet of cumulative elevation gain. The lowest point of the ride is at 4,495 feet and climbs to a high point of only 6,036 feet.

Introduction This is my favorite spring ride, due to the great views in Hobble Creek Canyon of the snow capped mountains.
This loop route travels up Hobble Creek Canyon (east of Springville) and through the farm and orchard region south of Provo and Utah Lake. Starting in either Springville or Nephi, it goes in a counter-clockwise direction around West Mountain (along the southern shores of Utah Lake), through the town of Goshen and Goshen Canyon, Nephi (omitted in the Springville start), Santaquin, Spanish Fork, Mapleton and finally goes up the left fork of Hobble Creek Canyon. The biggest single climb of the ride is the rather flat Hobble Creek Canyon section, which climbs a mere 982 feet over a 10.5 miles.

Time to Ride Typical season is from March through November, but can be ridden year-around when there is no snow in Hobble Creek Canyon (it is on the back side of 10,000+ foot Provo Peak which attracts weather) or on the road near the south shores Utah Lake (this part of the route has little traffic to help with the “melting”).

Directions to Start Springville start: Exit 270 off I-15 at 2009 W 400 S in Springville. Go west (away from Springville and Walmart) and immediately on your right is the Love’s & McDonalds.
Mona (between Payson & Nephi) start: Just west of exit 223 off I-15 is Gaydean’s Sweet Art Bakery, 15 S Main St, Mona, UT 84645.

Mt Nebo with Mona Reservoir in the foreground.

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