I currently offer five 200K and one 100K routes in the Las Vegas area. All are out and back or loop routes, so each one finishes where it starts. I live in Utah and designed these routes as “winter get-aways” — so consequently I am not keenly aware of current road conditions, so please be flexible.

Many of the routes do the classic Charleston / Red Rock loop on the west of the city. This road goes near (but not inside) the notable Red Rock Canyon state park. It is well-traveled by local roadies.

The Rando Roulette 100 (vertical gain of 2,395 ft.) starts downtown, near the strip. It follows the same route as The Dam Ride (Downtown Start) for about 50 miles, but does not travel out to Hoover Dam. It travels down the strip (with an optional detour for those wishing to battle the traffic there).

My original Las Vegas permanent, the Rando Roulette 200, has a vertical gain of 6,973 feet. It starts in Henderson, a suburb, southeast of Vegas. This loop route doesn’t go down the strip as does The Dam Ride 200 or the Rando Roulette Pop (100K) does. It goes out to Calville Bay on Lake Mead instead of going out to Hoover Dam like The Dam Ride does.

The Dam Ride, has a vertical gain of 7,000 feet and has two start points: one starts on the northeast part of the city and other starts downtown near the strip. The latter is for those staying downtown and won’t have a car. The advantage of the NE start is that the route ends on the edge of town so one doesn’t have to travel in the late afternoon or evening hours through Las Vegas traffic, as does the downtown route. Early in the route, both of them travel directly down Las Vegas Blvd. (i.e. the Strip). I have a detour for those that don’t want to travel on this somewhat challenging road (busy with no shoulder). These loop routes cross over into the state of Arizona, so you will get credit for traveling in two states (the Colorado River is the dividing line).

The Area 51 200K is my flattest Las Vegas route. It also has fewer turns and has less stop lights, but has less “tourist” scenery than those that cut through the middle of  the city. The vertical gain is 3,185 feet. It goes out to the south entrance of the infamous Area 51 military facility. It starts and ends at a location on the northwest corner of Las Vegas. This is an out and back route.

Hump to Pahrump has a vertical gain of  6,543 ft. and is an out and back route. It has about as much climbing (one long climb going out and coming back) as The Dam Ride or Rando Roulette, but the routefinding is much easier, and, like Area 51, it has less downtown “stoplight” travel. Much of it goes on a highway with a very generous shoulder. It starts at a south-central location of Las Vegas.

Bob Owen, who lives in nearby Saint George, owns this the Red Rock 100K (vertical gain of 3,748 ft,) route (link may not be current — contact him for details). It starts in the suburbs, some 20 miles northwest of downtown Las Vegas.

Rental Bikes One person used Las Vegas Cyclery and found them good, but they are way out on the west side, near the Red Rock loop.

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