Mirror Lake Classic (300 km)

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Boys fishing at Mirror Lake.

Mirror Lake Classic (CCW) — RWGPS Link — Route # 983

300.2 km (186.5 miles), with 10,157 feet of cumulative elevation gain.

This is the most common route, traveling on a less busy highway near the end.


Mirror Lake Classic (CW) — RWGPS Link — Route # 983

303.9 km (188.7 miles), with 10,010 feet of cumulative elevation gain.
(The CW version travels on a busy US-40; I need to redo this one to match the same route as the CCW version.)

Introduction  My first 300km Permanent! And a tough one it is.

This route is a high alpine loop roughly based on the Tour de Park City Super Century race route.
Our route starts at Heber City, which is east of Provo. The clockwise version then proceeds toward Park City, up and through Browns Canyon to Coalville. From there it travels north to Evanston Wyoming on a very remote rural road, including 6.1 miles of hard pack dirt. The section between Coalville and Evanston is 46 miles with no services, so plan accordingly. Take plenty of water (a third bottle is recommended) and, because of the hard pack dirt road, 25- or 28mm-wide tires is advised. After you stop in Evanston for some much needed snacks, the route turns south on the Mirror Lake Highway. After passing Mirror Lake, it climbs to Bald Mountain Pass at 10,620 feet. From there the route makes a long descent into Kamas. The route then returns to Heber City.

The lowest point of the ride is at 5,546 feet at Coalville and climbs to a high point of 10,759 feet. Typical season for this ride is late June through early October.

Warning! This is very remote route, and unlike a race, there is no support between towns. Also note that Bald Mountain Pass is well above timberline, so although on most summer routes, you may expect rain, there is also the possibility on this route, of having sleet or hail mixed with high winds. You will find yourself on this part of the route in the afternoon (when rain is most likely) or evening, so take plenty of layers for the unexpected. Because of the dirt or hardpacked roads on this route, I would never ride it if there is a high probability of rain.

Start & Finish Point Walmart in Heber City at 1274 US 189, elevation 5604 feet.

Older References  RWGPS Link (2015 version traveling on US-40). Ride with GPS Map (Very old route ~ 2013, Park City Start)


Overview map showing checkpoints. Do a double clip-through to see the image larger.


View of 12,000-foot Mt Kletting, just north of Mirror Lake.

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  1. Paul L. 3 March 2011 at 3:06 pm Permalink

    Seeing the brevet thing starting up in Northern Utah has got me thinking about a permenant in July since there are no Brevet’s planned. I must confess the Mirror Lake Classic 300k has caught my eye (probably do it in July). The issue I have is transportation to Kimball Jct from Provo. Are there any buses or anything that go from Provo to Park City or even Heber that would allow a bike?

    Are the dirt roads clay or gravel and how many miles are on dirt?

    (Although I suppose I could slip my Nephew a $20 to drop me off)

  2. admin 3 March 2011 at 5:35 pm Permalink

    Hi Paul, as per the description on the website…there is 6.1 miles of hardpack dirt road on the first half of this route. And then another short section in the second half, i.e. 1.7 miles of dirt, near Kamas. I’m not sure about public transportation. Are you coming from out of town and don’t have a car? There is plenty of hassle-free parking at the starting location in Kimball Junction (a grocery store). The route starts and ends at the same location.

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