Rando Roulette (100/200K)

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Jim Smith on the inaugural ride in March of 2010. Photo courtesy of Susan Plonsky, who rode with him on that VERY windy day.

Rando Roulette 100 — RWGPS Link — Permanent Populaire Route # 2180

104.1 km (64.7 miles) with 2,395 feet of climbing.

This loop route starts just a few miles NE of the strip in Las Vegas (near some grocery stores where there is plenty of parking). It heads right down the Las Vega Strip and then out west to the classic Blue Diamond loop (popular with many roadies in the area), before going south to Henderson and then back to the start. An early start is recommended to avoid congestion on the “Strip” — in fact, consider a dawn start so you can see all the cool lights during your 4-mile ride down this famous street!

If you would rather avoid the traffic on the strip (it has no shoulder to speak of), then feel free to take this detour route, however I don’t have a separate cue sheet made up for it, but the checkpoints remain the same. It is a tad longer than going down the Strip, so you mileage will be a little off for the rest of the ride.

Start & Finish Location Parking lot south of McDonald’s, 1195 E Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89104 (SW corner of Sahara Ave & Maryland Pkwy). Take exit 40 off of I-15 and go east about 2 miles on Sahara Ave. It is at the SW corner.

Rando Roulette 200 — RWGPS Link — Permanent Route # 1071

201.9 km (125.4 miles) with 6,973 feet of climbing.

These was the first RUSA permanent in Nevada!

The “RR 200” begins in Henderson (SE Las Vegas) and unlike Tthe Dam Ride, it does not go directly down the Las Vegas Strip. Also, instead of going down and across Hoover Dam, it makes an out and back to Calville Bay, a small resort on the NW corner of Lake Mead.

This route was a collaborative effort of myself and Susan Plonsky, the former RUSA Regional Brevet Administrator (RBA) in Arizona.


  1. This region is always very hot in the summer months and some of the controls (water sources) are 30-40 miles apart. This route also has significant amount of climbing for a 200K, so don’t plan on riding this route when the forecast is in the 90s or 100s. 
  2. The 200K travels on several bike paths, which can be very confusing. We highly advise that you study a zoomed in satellite view of the RWGPS link, viewing the four brown “i” or information points.

Start Point Von’s grocery store @ 45 E Horizon Ridge Pkwy. The store open 24/7. From I-515, it just west off exit 85. This is just SE of the I-215 & I-515 junction.

Rental Bikes One person used Las Vegas Cyclery and found them good. They are are on the west side, near the Red Rocks loop.


Link to photos taken on this route by Rick Carpenter (2011)

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  1. Susan Plonsky 17 March 2010 at 9:29 pm Permalink

    I love this route – it’s the best cycling route in Las Vegas. Other events and club rides also use many of the same roads.

    Richard Stum and I developed this route from my training rides and my bike commutes. Most roads have a bike lane or a shoulder. There’s no freeway riding.

    Red Rock Canyon to the west is a classic, and you’ll see many riders out there training.

    To the east is the new River Mountains Trail bike path, a beautiful paved path through the desert. The day I rode this permanent we only encountered a couple cyclists and walkers on the path, so don’t be worried that you’ll have to navigate a bunch of baby strollers. This path is still the best kept secret in Las Vegas.

    The northern part of the route is mostly residential. It crosses the famous Las Vegas Blvd and Fremont Street. We didn’t stop at any casinos, wedding chapels, or bail bond offices, but they’re there if you need to get married, get out of jail, or pay for your cycling trip.

    The southern part of the loop is the new part of town. There are bike lanes everywhere and motorists were very polite.

    The eastern part of the loop near Lake Mead is beautiful desert with very few services. We carried just 2 bottles on this trip but in hotter weather we may need more.

    The climbing is in the west and again in the east. You’ll be climbing slightly uphill as you head out to Red Rock Canyon. There are also big rollers in the east near Lake Mead, so you’ll definitely be climbing there. The city of Las Vegas isn’t exactly flat: it lies as if in a bowl between Red Rock Canyon and Lake Mead so as you ride from one side of the city to the other, you may get that feeling of riding down into the bowl and then heading slightly up out of the bowl.

    I love the last part of this ride – we were tired and had been riding slightly uphill and into the wind for a long time (over an hour?) when suddenly we crested the hill and Las Vegas lay before us. The Stratosphere shone like a beacon in a sea of lights. (Yes, we finished after dark. We had strong headwinds all day.) It was a wonderful way to end our ride.

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