Sanpete to South Bay Safari

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Sunrise on Horseshoe Mountain—the prominent landmark, east of Sanpete County.

RUSA Permanent #540, first approved in December 2008, revised in October 2015

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This double-loop 200K ride starts in rural Sanpete County (Moroni) and travels around West Mountain near the south shores of Utah Lake. It is similar to the Mount Nebo 200K above, but has less miles in Sanpete County, but with additional mileage in south Utah County.

Stats: 203.3 km (126.3 miles) with 4,418 feet of cumulative elevation gain. The range of elevations on this route are from 4501′ to 6337′. Typical season is from March to November.


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  1. Angela 29 June 2012 at 9:49 pm Permalink


    How could I get permission to put this picture on a family picture book I am preparing for my husband? He grew up in Sanpete and his family took the sheep up this mountain every year… Thank you!

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