Utah Populaire Routes — 100K

Salt Lake City

Small Chainring 100 — RWGPS Link — Permanent # 3223

100.5 km (62.5 miles) and gains 5,941 feet of elevation. Time limit: 6:40 hours.

Small Chainring 100, starts in Salt Lake City and climbs up Emigration Canyon (where the Mormon pioneers came into the valley in 1847), tackling Little and Big Mountains and then drops down the back side of Big Mountain before returning. It starts and ends at the Walmart, 2705 E Parleys Way, SLC (on the east bench, just SE of Hogle zoo).


See this page for two routes I offer in Moab (a 100K and a 200K, both with lots of climbing).

Central Utah

Gnarly Nebo Perm Pop (CCW), starts in Nephi, heads to Payson and then up and over the Mount Nebo Loop road and back down Salt Creek Canyon to Nephi. Or you can do it in reverse with the CCW version. 109 km (68 miles) and gains 5,900 feet of elevation. It goes up and over the 9,000-foot elevation mark. Time limit: 7:16 hrs. RUSA route # 2748.

Sanpete County Road Routes

(Most of which start at or near my hometown of Mount Pleasant, Utah)

Big Loop…Little Loop. I took a 50-mile loop in the north end of Sanpete County which I frequently do (as a Strava segment w/ buddies), and added an additional loop to bring the mileage up to 101 km (63.2 miles).This is one of my favorite 100Ks in the valley. Specs: 2,219 feet of climbing. RUSA route # 2336, first approved in April of 2014.

Seven Town Circuit (Milburn First) or the Milburn Last version. This route travelinsg along rural roads with only a small highway section. Two versions are available as this route is reversible. The original route climbs to Milburn and then finally out west to Wales and back. No travel on busy US-89 or SR-132. Specs: 100.2 km (62.3 miles) with  2,480 ft. of climbing. RUSA route # 2715, first approved in April of 2015.

West Side Story This loop route goes out to Maple Canyon and to the Fish Hatchery near Fountain Green and then back. Specs: 102.5 km (63.7 miles) with  2,867 ft. of climbing. RUSA route # 2665, first approved in March of 2015.

East Side Hill Climbs. Four moderate-length hill climbs near Mount Pleasant, Fairview and Indianola. Specs: 100.3 km (62 miles) with 4,300 feet of climbing. Time limit of 6:40. RUSA route # 2505, approved in November of 2014.

Fairview Canyon Plus. This route does the complete Fairview Canyon climb (3,857-feet), which tops out at 9,793 feet and then some flat mileage in the valley. Specs: 101.5 km (63.1 miles) with 5,541 feet of climbing. Time limit, 6:44. RUSA route # 3411, approved in August of 2017.

Killer 100K. This route does a several climbs east of Mount Pleasant, including the complete Fairview Canyon climb (3,857-feet), which tops out at 9,793 feet. Specs: 102 km (63.4 miles) with 6,639 feet of climbing. Time limit, 6:48. RUSA route # 2707.

Skyline Drive Hill Climb, starts in Fairview and climbs up and over the Skyline Drive and down to Huntington…and then back. This route is sometimes called my 9-8-9 ride as it goes for 95 miles, gains 8,300 feet of elevation and rides up and over the 9,000-foot elevation mark. Specs: Time limit, 10:12 hours. RUSA route # 1179.

Sanpete County Gravel Grinder or Mixed Terrain Routes

Big Hollow Gravel Grinder, starts in Mount Pleasant, makes a loop, making the easy climb up and over the Big Hollow dirt road. It is a combination of paved (27.5 miles) and gravel roads (37.8 miles). 105 km (65.3) miles and gains 2,935 feet of elevation (in 2017, my Sigma showed 3,205 ft.). Specs: Time limit, 7:00 hours. RUSA route # 3208, approved in October 2016.

Center of Utah Gravel Grinder, starts in Mount Pleasant, makes a loop down to Ephraim near the official plaque designating the geographic center of Utah. It goes on a combination of paved (20.8 miles) and gravel roads (41.7 miles). 100.6 km (62.5 miles) and gains 2,270 feet of elevation. Specs: Time limit, 6:40 hours. RUSA route # 3213, approved in October 2016.

Inactive Central Utah Routes 

Perky Turkey starts in Mount Pleasant and does two big loops in the valley. It goes past the Norbest turkey processing plant, hence the goofy name. Specs: 103km or 63 miles with about 1,813 feet of climbing (80% of the 2014 RWGPS figure). RUSA route # 1949.

North 89er starts in Mount Pleasant and heads north on US-89 (& side roads) to Indianola and back, then makes a loop out to Wales. Specs: 104 km (65.0 miles) with 2,495 feet of climbing. RUSA route # 2129.

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