Yuba Res Express

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Yuba Reservoir. June of 2009.

Yuba Res Express — Ride with GPS Link — Permanent #544

202.4 km (125.8 miles) with 3700 feet of gain.  The low point of the ride is 4,961′ and the high point is 6,250 ft. Typical season is from March through November, but on the right (warm) day, can be ridden during the colder months too.

This 200K loop route circumnavigates Sevier Bridge Reservoir & Yuba State Park (locally it is simply called “Yuba Res”). It travels along both highways and farm roads passing through four counties in central Utah. This is remote ride with no traffic signals and only a few stop signs. It has 4.5 miles of interstate travel. Also visit this link for a photo slide show and additional information on Yuba Reservoir (sponsored by Millard County).

The Start point is any service near the Sinclair c-store (open 24/7), 2095 S Main St in Nephi, just off I-15.

Redmond Lake, about 1/3 the way into this ride.

West shoreline of the “res”

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