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Sigma ROX 11.0 Cycling Computer Review

ROX 11

For several seasons I have used the German-designed Sigma ROX 10.0 GPS bike computer. I have been happy with it, excepting one big complaint: I could never upload the results of an activity, except through a desktop or laptop computer. I don’t own a laptop so uploading my rides while traveling was always a problem. So now, with the Sigma ROX 11.0, this problem is supposedly solved, as it has Bluetooth and they have provided an app for smartphones which “talks” to this new unit.


I like that I can totally customize up to six screens with up to six fields per screen. And this is done quickly on a desktop computer and uploaded to the unit. These preferences can be saved to my computer at home. Before purchasing this unit, I was also looking at the Lezyne Super GPS, which is currently their top-of-line unit and is comparably priced. It only has up to four fields per screen.

The mount, unlike the ROX 10, is the same as the high-end Garmin’s, so I can use the many accessories available for the 11.0. It locks in better than the 10.0.

This unit is compatible with all ANT+ heart rate monitor chest straps. They also offer a new chest strap that also talks to the unit via Bluetooth, but it is currently available as a stand-alone product, so I have not had a chance to test it.

My Gripes, Thus Far (as of June 2017)

  1. Navigation screen: While the screens are very customizable, there is one that isn’t. They have placed into the unit a default navigation “bread crumb map” screen which shows up automatically when the unit is in navigation mode, whether you like it or not. I have asked the US tech support crew and they don’t know how to remove or modify this screen. I would prefer to remove the text fields on top so the whole screen is a map.
ROX 11 Nav

The default, uneditable navigation screen.

2. The Duration Time, as displayed on the ROX 11, during an activity is inaccurate, especially if one turns the device off to save battery life (or to make the average speed seem higher). After uploading results to the Sigma Data Center on a PC, the accurate “Duration Time” displays, but not while you are riding.
3. I have had very bad luck uploading results onto an iPhone 6 when I only had cellular reception. I almost always needed a WiFi connection to make this happen. The iPhone and the ROX11 simply didn’t want to talk to each other via Bluetooth. Frustrating.

To upload to Strava remotely w/o Wi-Fi (with WiFi seemed a whole lot easier)

First, be sure to change these settings on your iPhone…

  • iPhone > Settings > Cellular (data usage) > Sigma Link > On
  • iPhone > Sigma Link > App Settings > Mobile Network > Autosync > On (green)
  • iPhone > Sigma Link > Sigma Cloud > Syncro only with Wi-Fi > Off (red). You may have to synchronize it get the data saved into Sigma Link after each activity.
  • If no WiFi is available then disable WiFi on phone.
  1. Sigma Link app on phone > Ap Settings > Shared Accounts > Strava > enable Auto Sharing
  2. Enable Bluetooth on iPhone.
  3. ROX > Bluetooth Sync Data (phone should then show “Connected”).
  4. Sigma Link app on phone > My Devices > “ROX GPS 11.0” should display on top w/ Firmware #; if not then hit “+” to add it. Do this before attempting to download activities, otherwise it may spin endlessly looking for the device.
  5. Sigma Link app > My Devices > “ROX GPS 11.0” should display on top w/ Firmware #; if not then hit “+” to add it. Do this before attempting to download activities, otherwise it may spin endlessly looking for the device.
  6. Sigma Link app on phone > Activities > Hit bottom arrow (aka download command). If that doesn’t work, then My Devices > ROX 11.0 > Reconnect device, after which ROX should say “Connected,” but SL app may not show as linked. Don’t wait for it to link. Go to the SL Activity and press bottom download arrow & the activity should finally upload to your phone.
  7. SL > Activities > Click on the box to the left of the activity, name it & reclassify the activity (optional) > Press the lower right (forward) button to save data onto phone and/or cloud.
  8. SL > Activities > Click on Edit (pencil in LR corner) > Select white box next to activity > Share link next of activity > Enable Strava button so it is green, not red. Do NOT click on activity & then attempt to share.

Other Notes

SDC = Sigma Data Center app on a PC or Mac desktop computer.

SL = Sigma Link app for mobile devices.

ROX = The actual bike computer.

To save or delete an activity: Press Stop, pause, press Stop again & wait for “Finish Training” & floppy disk icon should show, then press stop a third time to save.

To delete it, press Stop, pause, & then Stop again (disk icon should show). Press the “+” button until the garbage can shows and then press the Stop button.

To get the ROX to show up on a desktop computer, using the Sigma Data Center, plug into computer, turn on the ROX & then launch the ap on a PC….or unplug & replug the connection at the computer end side of things. The name of your ROX should display in green just under My Devices on the lower left corner.

To get customized training fields, create a new Sport Profile in SDC on a PC. My Devices > RWS 11.0 (or whatever you named it) > Sport Profile. The Sigma help page website doesn’t show this. This is the “Favorites” as found on the ROX 10.

When uploading a Track to the ROX and not using SDC, try getting the ROX so it displays “Sync Mode – Connected.” Turn ROX off and on to get this to happen.

Firmware updates: Back up data. SDC > Green highlighted device > Toolbox > Follow the commands > Press the stop button on the ROX and then turn it back on and continue. Afterwards, be sure to upload Sport Profile (.SSP), Device Configs (.SSF) files & re-pair heart rate chest strap.

Pedaling Time field on ROX only works with cadence feature.

SDC > Dashboard > Remaining logo time > Delete (removes activities on device) — FREEZES. Or on the ROX > Memory > Activities

To zoom in or out on the navigation or elevation views on the ROX, press and hold in the plus (+) button while in training mode and on that screen.

The AutoOff Time under device settings only works when the ROX is not actively recording an activity, even though you or the bike may not be moving.

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    Thank you for posting this, ridiculous they don’t tell you how to edit the training view screens!