26 September 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Sunlight Spin Bike (brief review)

After many months of not using my spin bike, today I was forced to because of a shoulder injury. 30 minutes into my work out one of the brake pads flew off (after increasing the resistance on the main wheel). It turns out the brake pads are merely glued to a plastic housing. How cheap can you get? Can you imagine if on a real bicycle, the pads were only glued instead of set inside a recessed housing?

The brand is Sunlite, also sold under the Forza label.

I already had many troubles early on as it was not tall enough to support my six-foot four frame. Consequently I had to have a local machinist drill out new holes to get to seat post high enough and to get the handlebars where I needed them.

Also, early on, I had issues with the brake pads as they squealed, and, unlike a real bike brake system, there was no way to adjust them into a “toe in” mode. I ended up taking electrical tape and creating a shim to get the preferred toe in position, thus eliminating the noise.


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