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Sinking Legs while Swimming

Here it is February and I have been consistently swimming since November of last year (2 – 3x a week). On my last post I reported problems with bi-laterial breathing. I have finally settling into breathing on one side, every other stroke (instead of every third stroke as with bi-lateral), BUT I switch sides every 25-yard lap.

It seems my times for a mile are still rather slow, despite having plenty of endurance (42-47 minute miles). Last week, I asked the student coach at my pool to evaluate my kick technique. She said she noticed that my legs were sinking more than they ought to. Per her suggestion, I took a small paddle board and worked on kicking. Oddly enough, I still was not able to get my feet out of the basement…they just sink, causing a ton of drag (despite dropping my head down in front of me with the paddle board in my outstretched hands). After reading this site, I suspect my problem might related to my age-old ankle injury. My left ankle ankle, despite weeks of physical therapy, does not flex more than 10 or so degrees. Because I cannot point my toes, this could be causing a ton of drag, slowing down my overall performance.
Per this site, Karli Wilkinson says “In freestyle swimming, having flexible ankles can be a key part of your kick mobility. Increasing flexibility in your ankles allows your feet to act like flippers and gain more propulsion in the water.”

Hmmm….not much I can about that. In fact, at one point, I was considering having my ankle fused to reduce the pain when walking or hiking.

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  1. Larry Bray 5 February 2012 at 9:24 pm Permalink

    Aaahh…the mysteries of good swim technique! If I had it all figured out I would certainly share with you Richard. Good luck and keep posting. I will share if I ever have any tips that I think might help. In the meantime, perhaps I will learn something myself.


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