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Utahans Completing 1200Ks

This past season (2011), three of us finished 1200k’s Grand Randonnées:

They include myself (Richard Stum), completing Colorado High Country in July with a time of 83:52.
Robert Owen, from Saint George finished Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) in August with a time of 89:02.
Conor Carroll, originally from Houston, but now lives in Kaysville, also completed PBP, with a time of 87:43.
For the record, they were the first Utahans to complete PBP.

On the other hand, Anthony Blauer of Manti, Utah, was the first Utahan to finish any 1200K. He completed Cascade 1200k in 2008 with a time of 88:50 (actually a 1240 km event).

With my completion of CHC1200 this season, I’m the first Utahan to receive the Coast-to-Coast 1200km award, which recognizes the completion of four different RUSA 1200km events over an unlimited time span.

And then going back a little, Clair Jensen and Lonnie Wolf, both of Cedar City, were the first Utahans to receive the R-12 award, finishing that goal in December of 2006 (riding a 200km [or longer] randonneuring event in each of 12 consecutive months).

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